Investigation Service Prices

Description Conditions Price (Minimum)
A Mold INVESTIGATION s a visual inspection of the structure for apparent fungal and moisture intrusion documented with particulate mapping, hygrometry, field microscopy, thermal imaging and other instrumental methodologies for moisture intrusion discovery.. Metro Atlanta  $ 295.000
Outside Metro Atlanta


 $ 295.000 (plus minimum $50.00 travel expense))


IAQ Investigation Professional Practice Fee (PPF) (Commercial)** Metro Atlanta $ 375.000 (these are minimums))
Clearance Study

*NOTE: Laboratory Fees and other expenses are not covered  

Same price as Mold Investigation per sample
Expert Witness Service Metro Atlanta $ 225.00/hr.. (plus travel expenses))

Fungal Laboratory Tests

Quantitative Air Impaction c/ report****

(Non-viable Airborne Contaminate Count with Fungal Type Identification))

Pre-Planned with Inspection $ 45.00/each*****
Fungal Surface Sample by Tape Lift Pre-Planned $ 45.00*****
Fungal Culturable Sample for Speciation Pre-Planned $ 125.00 (7 to 10 days))

Bacteriology Laboratory Tests

Bacteriology Culture Samples Pre-Planned $ 125.00 (7 to 10 days))

Allergen Laboratory Tests

Cat, Dog, Coachroach Dander Pre-Planned $ 150.000
Dust Mites, Mouse, Rat Allergens Pre-Planned $ 240.000


* “non-invasive” means without cutting walls open..

** “accessible locations” are defined as areas readily observed without the need to move furniture or contents..

*** “Mold Tests” are quantitative non-viable volumetric air or surface sampling tests ordered for analysis at the time of the original inspection. The inspection price includes two laboratory tests. One air impaction sample is taken outside in the ambient air for comparison purposes. The second is taken within the complaint area..

**** The minimum number of samples taken during an investigation is three (3) control, complaint and non-complaint area. Additional samples may be taken depending on the number of floors and the amount/nature of the contamination. There must be at least one sample taken for each floor of the residence for robust assessment. Laboratory results can be made available within 24 hours (for an additional fee). Additional Bio-growth testing will be estimated and priced on a case by case basis as conditions demand. This may include culture derived testing for speciation of bio-growth..

Sampling Definitions

  • Volumetric Air Sampling

Volumetric Air Sampling consist of a minimum of two samples, one sample from of the indoor air, and one ambient sample from the outdoor air (A minimum of one interior sample per floor of the structure). The outdoor serves as a baseline standard. An “abnormal mold condition” exists when lab results show that the indoor air has a higher spore count than the outdoor air..

  • Surface Sampling

Surface samples are taken by applying a sticky tape or sterile cotton swab to a suspect surface, then gently pulling off and securing for lab analysis. The mold that sticks to the tape is analyzed under direct microscopic examination..

  • Laboratory Culture

The collection of mold samples on Petri dishes for laboratory culture, growth and determination of fungal species and number of colony forming units


Invasive Wall Cavity Inspections:  $124.00 per opening

  • Fiber optic technology is utilized to inspect inside walls, under cabinet floors, in HVAC ducts. In most cases, only a hole about the size of a quarter needs to be drilled to see up to 3 feet. When that method is not possible, it may be necessary to cut out small sections of wall to properly inspect the inner wall or floor. Repair of invasive inspections is the property owner’s responsibility..

Photographic Evidence

  • Photos of surface mold contamination and water damage are part of the Basic Inspection. Only demonstrative pictures will be inserted in the final report..

Final Reports Include

  • Written discovery reports with complete explanations..
  • Relevant instrument test results i.e., temperature, relative humidity..
  • Relevant photographic evidence..
  • Interpretation of relevant microbiology lab results when applicable..
  • Guideline information for resolving mold problems..
  • Laboratory results and interpretation..
  • Inspection documents are only given to our client (the person or company who actually pays for the inspection)..